Developing Novel Therapeutics Targeting oxMIF for Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases

Combating solid tumors and chronic inflammation by targeting oxMIF with novel therapeutic antibodies. OncoOne discovered the key to targeting the macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF).

oxMIF: we discovered it, we named it, we are drugging it

OncoOne is dedicated to developing novel therapeutics for patients living with solid tumors and chronic inflammatory diseases. Our founders discovered the disease-related and druggable isoform of one of the most important drivers of innate and adaptive immunity: the macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF). The founders identified and named this new target the oxidized macrophage migration inhibitory factor or oxMIF.

MIF, a critical yet previously elusive target

Over 3,000 peer-reviewed papers detail MIF’s importance in driving tumor progression and metastases as well as inflammation. MIF is a central mediator of both innate and adaptive immunity in cancer and immunology indications that has remained elusive to drug targeting.

oxMIF, overcoming previous limitations of targeting MIF

MIF aggregates and goes through a confirmational change to oxMIF at sites of inflammation and in malignant tissue. OncoOne’s therapies specifically target oxMIF, which is only found at the site of disease.

Our therapeutic focus: Immunotherapy for Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases

We are developing oxMIF-targeting therapies for oncology and immunology indications. OncoOne’s initial focus is on treating solid tumors while we advance our second anti-oxMIF mAb to treat patients with chronic inflammatory diseases. All indications in our focus represent significant unmet medical needs.

We are actively seeking partnerships, collaborations, and investors in 2023 to accelerate the progression of our oxMIF pipeline assets to the clinic






OncoOne Newsletter

Recent Publications

Ferhat M. et al., “The newly engineered monoclonal antibody ON104, targeting the oxidized Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (oxMIF), ameliorates clinical and histopathological signs of collagen-induced arthritis”, European Journal of Pharmacology, Volume 956, 5 October 2023, 175997

Targeting oxMIF in Cancer and Chronic Inflammation

oxMIF in Oncology

We are developing an improved, second generation anti-oxMIF antibody, ON203 for the treatment of patients living with solid tumors. ON203 is being designed for application both as a monotherapy and in combination with standard-of-care regimens in tumor indications with high unmet medical need.

oxMIF in Chronic Inflammation

Our anti-oxMIF antibody, ON104 is being developed for the treatment of severely underserved chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders. The synergistic mechanism of action of ON104 with glucocorticoids allows its application either as monotherapy or in combination with reduced doses of glucocorticoids.