The pioneers for oxMIF

We discovered it, we named it, we are drugging it!

OncoOne has overcome the limitations of targeting macrophage migration inhibitory factor by harnessing the high specificity of the structural isoform, oxidized macrophage migration inhibitory factor (oxMIF), for sites of inflammation and tumors. We are focused on developing multiple proprietary drug modalities to leverage oxMIF’s potential as a target for systemic treatment of colorectal, ovarian and lung cancers, as well as for chronic inflammatory diseases.

Our Founders & Pioneers of oxMIF

Randolf Kerschbaumer, Michael Thiele, and Alexander Schinagl, our founders, made a significant breakthrough in uncovering a disease-related and druggable isoform of one of the most pivotal drivers of innate and adaptive immunity: the macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF). This new target, termed the oxidized macrophage migration inhibitory factor (oxMIF), was identified, and named by our founders due to its emergence as a product of post-translational modification within the pro-oxidative environment present in local inflammation and solid tumors.

In collaboration with the entire OncoOne team, our founders are committed to the development of pioneering and best-in-class therapeutics targeting oxMIF, the druggable isoform of MIF.

Our Leadership Team

Equipped with a successful track-record in early-stage drug development, as well as a deep understanding of the target itself, OncoOne’s leadership team will advance a pipeline based on oxMIF’s promise in oncology and chronic inflammation.

OncoOne_Randolf_Kerschbaumer_ PhD
Randolf Kerschbaumer, PhD

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Thiele, PhD

Co-Founder &
Chief Scientific Officer

Alexander Schinagl, PhD

Co-Founder &
Chief Technology Officer

Christine Landlinger-Schubert, PhD

Vice President
Preclinical and Translational R&D

Friedmund Bachmann

Vice President

Maria Reitzinger, BA

Head of
Finance and Administration

Our team is highly committed to our shared goal of developing breakthrough cancer therapeutics. As our company continues to grow, we are looking for individuals with a passion for science who want to join our team and bring new solutions to underserved indications.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Michael Freissmuth, M.D.

Director Center of Physiology & Pharmacology at Medical University Vienna

Prof. Dirk Jäger, M.D.

Managing Director National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg

Prof. em. Florian Rüker, PhD

Former Head of the Department of Biotechnology at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Prof. Seamas Donnelly, M.D.

Professor & Head of Medicine at the Trinity College Dublin and Hon. Professor in Translational Medicine of the University of Edinburgh.

Prof. Jennifer Guerriero, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School and Director of the Breast Tumor lmmunology Laboratory at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Prof. Robert A. Mitchell, M.D.

Professor in the Department of Surgery and a member of the Division of lmmunotherapy at the University of Louisville.

Public Grants

Our mission is supported by excellent public grant partners.

Austrian Federal Development and Financing Bank

Federal Ministry of Austria Digital and Economic Affairs

Federal Ministry of Austria Transport, Innovation and Technology

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency


We value and proudly collaborate with top-tier academic and industry partners.

University of Catania

Imperial College London

GenScript PROBIO

Adgyl Life Sciences

Head office
in Vienna (Austria)

Cooperation partners
and a diverse team from across the globe with a united mission