Focused on Partnerships

We are applying our drug developing expertise to design novel immunotherapies targeting oxMIF that address serious unmet medical needs in oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Our three unique assets targeting oxMIF, the key to drugging MIF:

  • ON203: OncoOne’s optimized therapeutic mAb targeting oxMIF in solid tumors
  • ON104: OncoOne’s oxMIF mAb specifically formulated for autoimmune disorders and severe inflammatory conditions
  • PreTarg-it™: OncoOne’s proprietary platform combining the tumor aggregation of oxMIF and radiotherapy in a powerful, yet highly targeted radioimmunoconjugate therapy

OncoOne is actively seeking partnerships, collaborations, and investors in 2023 to accelerate the progression of our oxMIF candidates to the clinic.

To discuss partnering or collaboration opportunities, please contact OncoOne’s CEO Randolf Kerschbaumer.

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